I’m Fascinated By What Makes People Tick – Suzette Moerman

“I’ve never seen the point of trying to achieve change simply for the sake of change”, says Suzette Moerman, founder and CEO of leading retail growth advisory firm Caracter Company. “It’s improvement, progress that you should aspire to effectuate.” She’s known for not mincing her words – the pragmatic approach she takes to her work and the results she achieves for her clients has earned her widespread respect and recognition. Within customer and retail development and beyond.

I’m speaking to her today about what she considers the key elements to her success. To learn more about how she and her company have managed to take in a unique and leading position within this extremely competitive field.

“There are many facets that have contributed to our success as a company and to my own professional development as well. But I think the key is to never limit yourself. What I mean by that is that you should always make sure to get the complete picture, delve deep into the information, make sure that you get a clear breakdown of all the factors at play.”

Suzette is widely acclaimed for her unparalleled ability to connect and inspire. And challenge. She never fails to take people and issues to the next level. Mediocrity is never an option, she wants to deliver and contribute in a manner that widens the scope, adds unexpected value. The results speak for themselves, as does her reputation as a growth hacker: taking Suzette on board means you will get results that exceed expectations.

Does Suzette still apply the lessons related to her cultural studies degree?

“I think it combines two aspects that define me. First of all, the human element. I’m fascinated by what makes people tick, what their motives are and drives them in their call to action. Defining traits, concentrating on the political dynamics of culture.

I use those insights, which of course have evolved and matured over time, to build bridges, find connections. Second, there’s the empirical element. In order to reach valid conclusions and theories, you have to consider and weigh all relevant factors.”

It is clear that Suzette’s all-in attitude and passion have shaped her career. The willingness to take risks, to believe in the potential of her insights and business savvy continue to foster her business. The recently opened office in China is, yet again, testament to her keen sense of adventure, and has already proven another excellent move. Together with her team, she has conquered a significant position there.

Suzette’s ability to look beyond face value, to observe, analyze, see connections has earned her a unique position in the market. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the secret to her success, her expertise, combined with her adventurous spirit and pragmatic approach have undeniably proven crucial.


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