Mediocrity is not an option – Cara Tindemans

In today’s high-speed internet age, what is the future of the translation industry? Who better to ask than Cara Tindemans, founder of renowned Tindemans Translations in Amsterdam. She has managed to maintain a stable and loyal client base for decades, and is generally acclaimed for her personal approach and professional flair.

“The impact of technological advances is unmistakable. But of its own accord, technology can never replace the expertise and commitment that the business requires, it is one of many tools we use and helps us to ensure consistency and improve efficiency.” In her extensive career within the industry, she has seen trends come and go, and has always navigated her own course. Very successfully.

Cara believes that the divide in the industry will become more clearly defined in the future. Cut-price translations, where price is the sole decisive factor, will continue to be in supply and in demand. But that is a completely different market than the one Cara caters to. 

“We offer premium service. There’s a trend that is manifest in other sectors as well. Appreciation for craftsmanship, for – dare I use the word – passion and attention to detail is gaining ground. People want to be seen and heard, they want bespoke products and services instead of being pushed into a generic mold.”  

This includes the added value of long-term relationships. With clients, and with the team of translators that works for Tindemans. “In our industry, it’s almost unheard of to have clients that remain loyal for over twenty years. Or to work with the same translators for decades. It is testimony to our commitment that we have built these strong relationships.”

Tindemans Cara - Tindemans Translations

These enduring relationships mean that Tindemans Translations has in-depth knowledge of specific clients’ needs, individual translators’ strong suits and the market at large. Subsequently, their work also entails a consultancy component. “We can advise our clients on issues that reach to beyond the translation itself. Language is an expression of culture. And our service includes helping our clients bridge the cultural gap. “

Cara seems to have the unique ability to, almost effortlessly, adapt to the changing market, fluctuating economic circumstances and changing technology without ever losing sight of her own motives. Or her own values.  

Remaining true to her own standards has proven successful indeed, and the future looks bright.  

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